Team Cheese


Team Cheese, a.k.a. Nick Grunerud and Sam Moth, are music makers and art people living in New Haven, Connecticut.


Performing as Underwear, Nick regularly offers up cathartic, genre-bending performances and recordings to get your wheels turning and your toes a-tapping.

With sets that delve into hard noise, before rocketing up to the heights of harmonic pop, and finally settling into a head-bopping funk groove, you can sometimes lose your bearings during an Underwear performance.

Don’t worry, though— you’ll like where you end up.

As a comedian, Nick is known for bringing his solo shows to “da streets!” when the weather permits. He partners regularly with the illustrious Peter Cunningham to create The World We Live In as both a living, breathing stage performance, and as New Haven’s Finest Public Access Comedy.  He has performed with the likes of Ana FabregaJulio Torres, and Lorelei Ramirez.

Sam began writing poems and songs as a kid, singing lullabies to her baby sister. Her sound is in a state of constant evolution as she continually incorporates new sonic discoveries into her compositions which range from ambient, to noisy, to opera, to pop.

As a visual artist, Sam's style is equally fluid as she meanders from medium to medium— clean, bold line work and expressionist color blocks are equally apt to emerge from her practice, as are traditional illustrations and dense collages.


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