Who Are You?


Glad you asked! We are Nick Grunerud and Sam Moth, aka: Team Cheese. We are music makers, performers, pizza enthusiasts, New Haveners, and art people.

We’re pretty cool.


Performing as Underwear, Nick regularly offers up cathartic, genre-bending performances and recordings to get your wheels turning and your toes a-tapping.

With sets that delve momentarily into hard noise, then rocket up to the highest heights of harmonic pop, before finally settling into a head-bopping funk groove, you can easily forget where you are while watching Underwear perform— but don’t worry: you’ll like where you end up.

Nick is also a comedian.  He partners regularly with the illustrious Peter Cunningham to create The World We Live In as both a living, breathing stage performance, and as New Haven’s Finest Public Access Comedy.  He is also known to bring his solo shows to “da streets!” when the weather permits, and to make periodic pilgrimages to NYC to perform with the likes of Ana Fabrega and Julio Torres.

Firstly a poet and vocalist, Sam began writing as a kid singing lullabies to her baby sis. Her sound is in a state of rapid evolution as she forgoes acoustic accompaniment in favor of passionate (and sometimes peculiar) pairings of musique concrète with synth layers. Having fussed over and incubated these sounds strictly in the recorded realm for many months, Sam has started performing the songs live. Recent feedback included, "You have a beautiful voice, but I couldn't tell what genre it was..." Come out to a show and decide for yourself!

Also a visual artist with a flair for merchandising, Sam loves to create eye-catching artwork that complements the music it represents—hand drawn fliers, custom collaged covers and liner notes, and polished Photoshop creations for larger runs.

Get in touch with Sam to discuss artwork for your next project!


Contact Nick at nickbusss@gmail.com

Contact Sam at sammothsongs@gmail.com