Sometimes life is so crazy...


One day it feels as though you are drifting, slightly, nervously over eggshells. 

The other day it's like Rain keeps your salient facts in check, hearkening back to the days of Adam Smith and his real Wealth of Nations. 

Another Day feels like it's Prime time for Gay folk to go the way of the Dinosaur... 

...But then like nails on archaic chalkboard, it seems like straight culture is the ONE that deserves to die. 


Anyway, completely overriding our innermost thoughts is a good move I think. I wax fondly of the great philosopher Iris Murdoch when she says "Y'all twinks better keep it up?" 


FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! My cocksucking brain (for those keeping great score at home with a plethora of writing utensils C-O ________) Does NOT want to werk. 


Typos notwithstanding, I fucking love the solar system... 



An Essay in Ones Part 

*TRIGGER WARNING* (Check bottom for true content CBFTC)

NO ONE likes a guy like me....

NO ONE likes a guy who exposes shady politicians as they are...

NO ONE likes a guy like me who routinely makes a grand case for overt compassion such as I, a person who doesn't collude with those who make EVIL.

NO ONE LIKES a guy like me because I make SENSE.

EVERYONE on earth wants to shut a man like me down Nobody wants me to succeed or become a better person.

SO to all you FUCKING haters out there with your lack of empathy and delusions of how society ought to pervade through the midnight air...

Here is the challenge: Take a topic like Race, Culture, Gun Rights, Abortion, Women's Rights, Men's Rights and watch me CRUSH YOU IN A FREAKING DEBATE.


Effortlessly trying to vie for commercial rhetoric and educations voucher systems notwithstanding, I feel like it's time for a liberal paradox to come to the either and stop us from becoming our own stagnant, sterile bodies of swamp, meanwhile vis-a-vis with our owners, selves, homosexuals straights and all that comes to light.

Book me on a show! Comedy or Music! Thanks! Have a good one!

UNDERWEAR EP "I CAN'T BE STOPPED" and other thoughts...  

It's out! 


Compulsively making art, music, shirts, films, videos, cookies, text, all things that compromise making "Content" sometimes gets daunting. It adds more noise to an already noisy part of the internet called "The Internet" 

However there are viable alternatives to this inexorable push to create more sound and art...One of them could be the willingness of a culture where you COULDN'T even do that, or maybe you could only create when the paradigm has been cemented by your boss, leader, president, vice president, or even someone without those titles under their belts... 

So Make away I say till your gray!! 

And have a good day!!! 

Ah... Underwear album... 

1. Secrets $$$$- coming out  S---t----er ƒ∑th, tfousend œœ! I am so excited!!! 

2. The Crusher- Spring of 2018, out on tape in Wisconsin! 

3. ....! You will see!!!! 


Big things happening with Underwear project soon... 





For the record.... 

?         ∆ ˚ ¬ π



Yeah, its continuous everyday. From the moment it happens, to the time it begins. 

They want to make things happen the way it's supposed to be. The only difference is.

It's all a gamble when the cathartic wisdom they share is commonplace...

Really makes you think about what. 

It reminds me of a story...

Two people try and say what it is that pertains to abject bankruptcy. 



So I have made some of my older albums free and have expanded one of my newer ones... 


A pic(TuRE) is WOrf a Fousand Werdz 

...ummm More paint art


Please give me a ring if you want fresh submissions, want to give me a grant (Karen Finley style), or appreciate completely great content. 


DOONESBURY: By Nick Grunerud Part I: 

Is up on Archive right now!! 




For those who do NOT know, Doonesbury is an original story line and comic strip by Yours truly, Nick Grunerud... 

It follows Mark L Doonesbury as he goes through his real political life in an overt way, not burdened by any fire and brimstone speeches by any far right dissidents or wacko left wing zealots... 


Baked Goods on a General (Yes) Scale

I am going to start selling baked goods... 

Cookies, Muffins, Lemon bars, jam bars....

Please message me if you want some for an event, birthday, or for personal space! 

Email is Nickbusss@gmail.com! 

Silas Price, Nikole Jewell, Underwear 5/19/17

So, this show is going to be very diverse and good, like the bulk of most Damn Never Ending Books shows are!!! 


Will have OBVIOUSLY things like baked goods and music for sale ALSO will have other things for sale that have NOTHING (!!! 9) to do with music 

*old books

*Old CD's 

*older books

So yeah... 

Silas is a Really good sound man from Lowell, Mass, and I am so excited that he is coming down...

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Also Nikole Jewell is a wonderful poetry person... Their poems are found here, and I can't wait 

for people to see it in this particular context: http://alienmouth.com/february2017/jewell.html




Bake Sale FOR 5/7/17

Wow! I am Nick here.... 


It's a good think to have a great show like the one that we are going to put on Sunday, 



I am also going to make some really fresh and tasty baked goods for the show to raise money

for the Ely Space and the performers



If you want to bake something and bring it in, the money will pay for the space and the show and people

will enjoy it much.