When nice people say nice things about us:

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Solo Acts Take Over Ely Center

"Underwear was the third of a three-act show billed, with good humor and in keeping with the theme of the previous week around the Elm City, as a bake sake for the Ely Center. There were baked goods for sale. But the evening also showed what three solo acts could cook up in a space like the John Slade Ely House, especially with an attentive audience."

~Brian Slattery, The New Haven Independent

Review: Underwear — My Destiny Awaits

"The Soft and penetrating radiation of a day in the clouds.

... But, as the Creator told us, he has no experience with drugs. Hopefully he won’t have any encounters with a James Bond Villainess any time soon. Remember: always check those bottle caps!"

~Father Alexander, Boston Hassle

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Underwear Makes Music Inside Out

 "The sixth song on My Destiny Awaits, the latest release from Underwear — the project of New Haven-based musician Nick Grunerud — starts with a driving rhythm that also sounds, well, intimate. As the rhythm becomes more distinct, it becomes clear why. The percussion is really Grunerud beatboxing and singing a line that suggests a chord progression. Then there’s another layer, Grunerud in lead singer mode. His voice is clear with just a little grit."
~Brian Slattery, The New Haven Independent
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Sam Moth Enters Pupa Stage

"What’s baby’s first noise? Is it a cry? A scream? A coo? For New Haven-based musician Sam Moth, on the opener to her new recording pupa, “baby’s first noise” is a foghorn-like drone that plunges into rich distortion, then bursts into a screech of noise like an old modem losing its mind, all of it lurching along to a drumbeat that accelerates from ominous to frenetic in the space of three minutes.
What’s perhaps most notable about “baby’s first noise” is that it doesn’t prepare you, at all, for the rest of pupa.  Though in another sense, it does."
~Brian Slattery, The New Haven Independent