bodily by Sam Moth

Around 2am on Saturday morning, I debuted the two sung songs that, together with two longer compositions, comprise bodily

This EP developed over the past three months as a meditation on perception: the overwhelming nature of our sensory experience as it interacts with our acculturated mind.

Our minds have the capacity to run myriad programs at once, often without our knowledge. Tremendous power can be harnessed from focusing attention on our internal functioning. Magic can be felt when all our senses tune in to the harmonics vibrating continuously between and through everything in the universe. 

The creation of these songs has been an attempt, on my part, to re-enter realms of experience that may be glimpsed only fleetingly; to dwell longer in feelings sparked and snuffed in the flash of an eye.  And to make peace with those experiences which recur or seem to be chronic; to find beauty even in the limitations and decline of my own sensory machine.

With everything that happens each day in the world, it is remarkable how potent our own immediate experiences remain.  The drive to remain alive, to remain engaged, to experience connection, remains paramount despite the onslaught of input that seeks to numb, to nullify, and to divide.

Thank you, I hope you know who you are, you who remind me daily of life's beauty.  These songs are from you, and for you.


Sam Moth