Big Week, Basically

This week was very long, and very full, and very challenging, and made me feel young, and old, and tired, and weak, and strong, and loved. I'll stick to the good stuff.

One highlight was visiting and performing with lovely friends at Orchard on Wednesday.  Dave Shapiro organized a great gig, with songwriter/bassist/vocalist Brittany Karlson (whose project is called Karl), poet Nikole Jewell, bass drone master Zach Rowden, and me. It was intimate, and I knew almost everyone in the room, but I felt nervous before performing.  I hope the set was as soothing for the audience as it was for me, because by the end of the performance I was feeling so happy.  Thank you to everybody who was there for making such a supportive and warm space. 

Here's my set:


And then, on Friday, Nick released an album he's been crafting for a while: Live With Your Possibility.  He made it on my laptop!—an unusual production method for his recordings; and it's perhaps more "concise" than initiated listeners might have come to expect. I think it's fantastic, and its grooves do well to thaw a winter's chill. (Though, you know, there's really an unfair bias against cold...)

Live With Your Possibility is up for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp— and is free to download!

Sam Moth