Parody. "This Kiss"

To the tune of Faith Hill's  "This Kiss" 

It's that Squarepusher

Or how bout Aphex Twin?

Plaid, Funkstroung and μ-Ziq 

It's (ah), Autechre now, 

This IDM 

So critical 

It's IDM 


Sam Moth
Grunerud Trifecta one (1 of 203)

A grunerud trifecta is one that makes all the fans and people laugh... 


Chris Elliott+ NY Post= Pain

Wealth+ Gay Privilege= Abby Elliott

Straight men+ The "Straight Man= Lesbian culture and progress



Sam Moth
Secrets $$$$

It's out now! 



The album has been released to the public and INTO the public

One thing that I love about this project is how much of it gets to be performed, played and reworked. 

I am really proud of this album in basically every single way. 

Sam Moth
Politcal quiz

Yeah So I took a political quiz and came up with very odd results... 

Make you wonder WHY the hell you go online in the first place... 

Sam Moth
Never Ending Books show July 30th- World We Live In.

Wow, it's actually quite a thing. 



Characters! Funnies! Sketches! 

1                  2             3 

It's at Never Ending Books on July 30th, 8pm, which is Sunday. 


Look at this classic art I made to promote it. 

Sam Moth
Huzzie pt I.

Hello Nick here! 


I wanted to talk about a concept which is known to many in the music/comedy community of New Haven and all around the world as 


Well what it means is exactly what you want it to mean 

Emphasis: Huzzie falls within the umbrella of Emphasis. Use it to make a great point! 

Anger: Huzzie accurately depicts anger. Say you are furious at several people, a friend and two others....why not use the word Huzzie and shut them down? 

Thanks for reading! more to come! 



Sam Moth
Underwear 4lov

I am very excited about my new Underwear album "Secrets $$$$"... It has all of the elements that I put into live performance, mental acuity producing the tracks, and I can't wait for people to hear it... 

This is a free download (more free albums will be available as this album comes out) 


Enjoy the song! 



Sam Moth



"Secrets $$$$" is being released 8/01/17... 


Here is the single, another one to follow soon..



Sam Moth
My New Blog Portion/ Whisker and Donovon


It's a new portion of fresh website that really does beg the question: 

How can you read all the things I do?? 


Anyway, you will find all of my archived writings on here from now on, as well as news, clips, musics, and other various contents and content...SUCH AS: 



MY NEW PAINT SERIES Whisker And Donovon!!! 

This new series is Politically incorrect, very banal, INCREDIBLY PC, and fastidious... 

Enjoy the new one!!! 

Sam Moth